To provide more stability in moving forward, we know all the landmarks that aim not only for academic success but also to explore every enjoyable aspect of school days.

Throughout school students have numerous opportunities to express and research their creativity as well as to determine their own place.

Going beyond the classroom, students enjoy a range of programs in collaboration with teams, various clubs and co-curricular activities and social interaction. Sports is another passion of Mrs. RN Patel School students. The school provides our sports teams with a special opportunity to play sports along with their studies.

Our sports team gives our students a second chance to connect with their teammates and their peers at city schools.

Getting enough space in Gandhinagar is a precious thing. One thing that surprises school visitors is a feature. Which is available to our students. Of the many private schools in Gandhinagar, our building has always been a school. That means we have a lot of facilities that are a dream come true for the big schools in the area.


Knowledgeable books, magazines, encyclopedias, dictionaries, spell books on various subjects.

A library with over 5000 books. The library is equipped with internet facility. Books, periodicals, encyclopedias, dictionaries, spell books, etc. are available which provide knowledgeable information on various subjects.

Our school has a well equipped and well stocked biology laboratory. “When students learn,” learning through effort “is the motto of our bio-lab.

Physics Lab

The experiments are integrated into the students’ brains by the critics so that they acquire the manual and mental skills associated with learning physics. Laboratory activities are an integral part of the learning process to enable students to gain a broad understanding of the concepts and principles of physics.

Chemistry Lab

The purpose of our chemistry lab is to show our students the achievement of science by stimulating science, supporting the school curriculum.

Computer lab

Our computer lab has 20 LCD computers. The lab can seat 50 students. We also have unlimited internet facility in every computer.

A computer lab serves as a center for learning to use computers in every classroom, usually with expert computer instructors using the lab with their classroom for research and technology-based projects for classroom teachers. 

Computer labs are also commonly used by classroom teachers by a specialized computer teacher to research or create technology-based projects with their classroom lab.


There is a clinic facility on campus. In which Dr. Harjivanbhai Patel (MBBS) serves, he is a well known General Practitioner from Gandhinagar.

It helps our students in emergency situations. It should be available in Pharmacy Campus Gate No. 1, Sector-2.

The main role played by the school clinic is as follows: To provide first aid or emergency treatment to sick or injured students. For early signs and symptoms of health problems, enroll students, which is likely to affect learning. As well as overseeing and maintaining student growth and development.

Hostel Facility: For Boys and Girls

Separate hostels for boys and girls, spacious rooms, beds, closets, arrangement of fans.

RO in each block. Including water cooler, geyser arrangement for hot water in winter.

Mass prayer, morning procession in winter, first day of every month, parent day

Arrangement of doctor and hospital for immediate treatment

Stationery shop to meet daily needs

Serving nutritious food for health

Hostel co-curricular activities:

Fashion Designing Classes

Beauty Parlor Classes

Mehndi Classes

Spoken English Classes

Cooking Classes

Western Dance Classes

Activities performed by students:

Morning Ferry

Prayer meetings and expert lectures

Hygiene and labor work, and sports program

Mother’s Day Celebration, Travel

Health Check Sani Program, Marketing

“Right to Food” Program

Boys Hostel Fee

Fees InformationStandard 6 to 7Standard8 to 12
New StudentsOld StudentsNew StudentsOld Students
Entry Fees₹ 200----₹ 200----
Annual Term Fees₹ 5000₹ 5000₹ 6000₹ 6000
Students Deposit₹ 1000----₹ 1000----
Student Deposit Annual
Maintenance fee / other fee
(Grihapati, Sevakbhais,
Sweeper, celery, water, telephone,
Light bill and other expenses)
₹ 8500₹ 8500₹ 9000₹ 9000
Total ₹ 14700₹ 13500₹ 16200₹ 15000
Meal Fee Advance:
First term
Second Term (Estimated)
₹ 10000
₹ 9000
₹ 10000
₹ 9000
₹ 10000
₹ 10000
₹ 10000
₹ 10000
Hostel Fees - Total₹ 33700₹ 32500₹ 36200₹ 35000

Note: Each student has to leave the hostel after the study, the fee taken as deposit out of the above fees will be refunded.

ગર્લ્સ હોસ્ટેલ ફી

Details of feesStd 6 to 8Std 8 to 12
Entrance fee₹ 100₹ 100
₹ 1000₹ 1000
Annual session fee₹ 3800₹ 4500
Other fees₹ 5300₹ 5700
Meal fee₹ 12700₹ 12700
Hostel Fee - Total₹ 22900₹ 24000

Note: Each student has to leave the hostel after the study, the fee taken as deposit out of the above fees will be refunded.

School bus transport

Bus routes

In order to avail the school bus service of Sarva Vidyalaya Kelvani Mandal Gandhinagar branch, one has to pay the bus fee fixed by the Mandal, in which admission will be given on earlier basis as a limited number has to be taken.
(For all new or old students)


1 Mahudi Hall
2 Shopping center (garden)
3 Swaminarayan Temple
4 Against Infocity(Between Sector 2-A, 2-B)
5 D-0 Behind Infocity, Vrindavan Society


1 Dha-3 Circle
2 A crossroad between G-2 and D-2
3 Navratri Chowk (3-C)
4 Navratri Chowk (3-B)
5 Ambaji Chowk (3-A)
6 Drainage Inquiry
7 Dha-dodh


1 4-C , 4-D’s cross road
2 Temple of Omkareshwar Mahadev
3 Samaj Shikshan Bhavan (Koli Samaj)


1 Ga-adhi
2 Shopping center (mosque , garden)
3 Mahakali Mother’s Temple


1 Ga-3
2 Cross road between Dha-3 and Gha-2
Bhubaneswari Mahadev’s Temple
4 Shopping Center


1 Chaudhary School (Cheap Shopping Center)
2 Main Shopping Center
3 Parimal Shopping Center (cheap type)
4 Cross road of Cha-3 and Dha-2


1 G-Sada Three , G-2, G-Sadaachar
2 12-A Limbach Mata’s temple
3 13-C Shopping Center
4 Sector-13 / B, Shopping Center
5 (M.R.F. Show Room) Cross Road from S-6, 12


1 Near Ambaji Temple
2 Gujarat Housing Board , Shopping Center


Vidhyapith , G.E.B. Hospital, (Ambaji Mata’s Temple) Bhagol Bus Stand, Madhwala, Maitri Avenue.


Dashela, Chiloda, Pethapur