Admission Process 2020

Admission details



We offer a wide range of high-quality teaching and extracurricular activities.


Age criteria for the academic year 2020-21


First – 8 years completed on standard 1 June.


* Management reserves the right to decide on all matters relating to admission.

Admission process

Step – 1

You will receive a confirmation email after completing our online application.

Step – 2

Complete your application using your credentials and details.

Step – 3

We will send you confirmation and details of how to pay the fee.

Documents required for admission

1. At the time of confirmation of admission.

Admission form

Birth certificate

Medical form

Transport form

four passport sized Photo of students and parents

2. At the beginning of the academic session

School leaving certificate

Previous year’s marksheet (photocopy)

Aadhaar card (photocopy)

Main rules:

R.T.E. As per, admission will be given in Std-1.

Birth certificate has to be given at the time of admission in Std-1. Admission is not considered complete until the certificate is given.

If the student is from a foreign province, then the admission process is completed only after the certificate of the next recognized school (LC) is signed by the District Education Officer ( counter signature ). Will be counted.

A School Leaving Certificate (LC) will not be issued unless any parent applies in writing that the school fees, all the books in the library, hostel fees are paid.

Fees will be considered outstanding until an application is made in writing to leave school.

The fee will be kept with the record while applying for the LC and will be issued two days after the application (LC).

Online admission form


    Personal Details: / અંગત વિગતો:

    Health Information / આરોગ્ય સંબંધિત માહિતી:

    Educational Background / શૈક્ષણિક પાશ્વભૂમિકા:

    Parent's Information / માતાપિતાની માહિતી:

    Profession / વ્યવસાય:

    Provide information In Case You Belong To Any of The Following Category / જો તમે નીચેની કેટેગરીમાંની કોઈપણ હોવ તો, માહિતી પ્રદાન કરો: